About Us

Meet the Founder

Garry Miller Jr is the owner and founder of the Baby Tyson LLC. He has more than 6 years of experience in the construction field. He studied at Santa Monica College and UCLA. He is currently a boxer pursuing a professional boxing career while still being able to put his company as his first priority.

His company and his customers will always be first priority to him. He is well-known for his extreme kindness, respectfulness, charismatic personality, and his natural willingness to always go above and beyond to help others and make others happy.

He named his company Baby Tyson LLC due to his boxing background. One of the most significant people in his life is his coach Michael Charles. He is a mentor and father figure in his life. He gave Garry Miller Jr the nickname “Baby Tyson” because of his similar fighting style and KO power to the great Mike Tyson.